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iNviTECH was born of iNvictus Forward Outreach’s mission to create systemic change in access to STEM & Entrepreneurship opportunities for children of color. iNviTECH seeks to increase girl, women and minority participation in STEM fields. Using its proprietary curriculum and network of STEM field educators and professionals, iNviTECH’s STEMgineers learn about marine science, agriscience, coding and a host of other STEM fields; most of which is taught from an entrepreneurial perspective.


iNviTECH is where EDUCATION, INNOVATION, ENTREPRENEURSHIP and CULTURE merge. Our mission is to provide stimulating and enriching environments and opportunities for children and students of all ages to develop the next generation of STEM leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs! iNviTECH...

  1. Constructs all of our efforts and programing in equity by working to ensure the next generation of STEM leaders and innovators reflect the diversity of our world.

  2. Creates curriculum and programs founded in the most recent scientific research in STEM Education, while actively contributing to innovative scientific discoveries.

  3. Recruits and retains the top scientists and educators to help develop and curate innovative STEM educational programs

  4. Provides our students with individualized learning programs and corresponding metrics by which they learn, grow, explore and are held accountable.

  5. Trains our students to be critical thinkers, environmental stewards with entrepreneurial mindsets.


Partnerships and collaborations, are the core of iNviTECH's mission. We work collaboratively with experts in STEM and Education fields along with many across the entrepreneurial ecosystem and actively participate in innovative research to inform our STEM curriculum and programs.

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