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At iNviTECH, we have huge aspirations that include correcting the underrepresentation of women and ethnic minorities in STEM fields by creating educational entrepreneurial programs to engage young children ages 0-5 and K-12 students. Through our iNviTECH Playschools, iNviTECH Clubhouse, and iLab programs, as well as through partnerships with early childhood education facilities, community recreation centers, schools and other centrally positioned locations, our goals of engaging our youth and closing the Minority representation gap in the STEM fields are very obtainable.



iNviTECH Playschool is iNviTECH's Early Childhood Education program focusing on STEM education for young children ages 0-5. At iNviTECH Playschool, we pride ourselves on our individualized hands-on STEM curriculum and preparing our children for Kindergarten and beyond, guiding their experiences through a foundation based in the 21st Century skills they require! Our STEM curriculum is designed by Scientists, Engineers and Early Childhood Education specialists. It is informed by the latest research in child development.


iNviTECH Clubhouse is home to all of iNviTECH's before and after school programs, camps, and track-out programs for K-8 students. Our camps and track-out programs are designed to provide students with a hands-on STEM learning curriculum to engage students in a variety of subjects: science, math, food, movement, play and culture just to name a few. Our programs give students the opportunity to have a fun and relaxing break, while furthering their knowledge and education.



iNviTECH's iLab offers a diverse array of programming. Our STEMgineers participate and engage in our iLab from many vantage points. iNviTECH's iLab offers many experiences such as camps, internships for our middle, high school and college students. Through the iLab, students have the opportunity to explore a variety of STEM careers, collaboration with scientists at some of the nation's leading Academic Institutions (e.g. Duke Univeristy, Univeristy of North Carolina, North Carolina State University and North Carolina Central University), and work along side iNviTECH scientists and experts to design STEM curriculum and programs.


iNviTECH Clubhouse STEM Summer Camp provides children (ages 5-12) with hands-on and interactive activities to explore a diversity of STEM fields.

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