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STEM Education.

iNviTECH's STEM Education Internship (STEM Edu) program places highly qualified and motivated individuals in leadership roles within iNviTECH Clubhouse's STEM Summer Camp program. iNviTECH Clubhouse is home to all of iNviTECH's before and after school programs, camps, and track-out programs for K-8 students. Programs are designed to provide students with a hands-on learning curriculum to engage students in a variety of STEM subjects while equipping them with the 21st-century skills they need to excel in today's heavily STEM-based society.


iNviTECH Clubhouse's STEM Summer Camp provides a stimulating and enriching environment for 1st-6th grade students (ages 5-12) to learn, grow, and explore. Throughout the camp, children learn about the world around them by “doing” with hands-on, meaningful experiences called “explorations!”. iNviTECH interns have the opportunity to serve as STEM Instructors, Teaching Associates, and Camp Counselors for the STEM Summer Camp and play a pivotal role in creating a fun, safe, and educational environment for campers.

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